Gehenna & Hinnom’s Author Spotlight: Joanna Costello

Have you raised an eyebrow in suspicion at my blog?  Want to know a bit more about this woman Jo who eats crow?

You’re in luck!

I’m sharing an interview I did with publisher Gehenna & Hinnom. Working with them has been a great experience and I enjoyed answering their interview questions.  Also, what they chose as the feature image for the interview post is amazing!  Junji Ito!  Gah! Love him!

Greetings from the Ethereal Plane, We present to you our interview with Joanna Costello, author of “The Nocturne of Manigault,” which is the featured story in Hinnom Magazine Issue 002. Let the interview commence! CP: Can you tell us a little bit about your story “The Nocturne of Manigault?” What inspired it and how did it come […]



Donate! Horror Writer Needs Healthy Hearts for Devouring!

Just kidding!

This horror writer just wants to fight heart disease.  I’ll be participating in the American Heart Association 2017 Oahu Heart & Stroke Walk.

Contrary to my theories (parasitic extraterrestrials, silent zombie virus infection, etc.), the nation’s number one killer is heart disease with stroke coming in at number five.

I’ll be walking in honor of those who do battle with heart disease and for those who have gone on to the other side.

Your generosity would mean the world to me and to many others!

Here’s the link to donate:

JoEatsCrow Heart Walk Donation Page

Thank you fellow horrormancers!